Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Light vs Dark

It's amazing how a different perspective in photo processing can further change the outcome of what you envisioned when you were taking the shot. Below are the light and dark versions of model Zshaneille Bayona's  photo taken in Intramuros.



Both photos conveying a totally different message through play of colors and contrast. Personally, the DARK photo works for me better but some might be drawn more to the other. With a little persistence and creativity, a photo can be seen in thousands of views. Though it is important to have the right angles and expressions when you take the shot, a photo can never be confined by the elements present at that moment when you press the shutter. You just need to use your IMAGINATION.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pyropalooza @ SM Mall of Asia

We were stuck in traffic, almost late, squeezed and bumped into a sea of people to catch SM Pyromusical at MOA. It was totally worth it (especially if team Philipines didn't f*** up). I just hope we had a better location. Here are the shots. :)