Friday, May 31, 2013

Take your Time, Check Your Gear and Shoot in Raw.

The photo above was part of the Intramuros photoshoot we had last year. Since it was my first time to shoot with a model and on location, the excitement took its toll and made me forget some essentials. I forgot to bring batteries for my flash, forgot to change my ISO setting from 6400 and I was shooting on JPEG mode. This resulted to poor quality and should I say, grainy photos. Luckily, we were shooting in a periodic and historically significant location that the photo grain kinda worked to my advantage and helped me achieve the vintage feel I was aiming for. This will not be the case all the time. Please do me a favor and do not make the same mistake I did. Always remember to always take your time, check your gear and shoot in RAW! :)

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