Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Goodbye Song

I used to watch this show, Bear in the Big Blue House just to listen to this song. Hello ringtone!

Me and a friend in the office just suddenly remembered this song and started singing it. I don't know about you but I think Goodbye song is one of the best kiddie songs ever.

A sad story.
I just learned Lynne Thigpen died back in March 2003. Lynne played the voice of Luna. More on this article.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I should have read your message earlier...

I was browsing through my old account in Flickr and started reading through some unread mails. Then i stumbled one particular message with subject:

your photo to possibly use in Travelife magazine

And the message reads:

Hello! My name is Alexis Aragona, I'm features editor for a travel magazine called Travelife, produced and based in the Philippines. We’d like to ask if we could use your photos (,, of the San Sebastian Cathedral and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church to possibly come out in the magazine. Should we use any of your photos, we'll duly credit them, ofcourse, and I can send you a PDF file of the layout for your reference once the magazine is published.

I hope you can help. Should you need more information on our magazine, you can visit our website:

If you have any questions, you can contact me through my details below. Thanks very much!

Warm regards,

Alexis Aldeguer-Aragona
features editor, Travelife magazine
2/F Suite 201 Alexander House, 132 Amorsolo Street
Legazpi Village, Makati City, 1229
Phone (632) 338 5490, 813 8400

It would have been really cool to have some of my photos be featured in any magazine. It just sucks that I read the message more than 1 year after I received it.

These were the photos identified in the mail


No it's not "balut" (boiled duck eggs with 10 day old embryos), it's Bilot, a Batangueño term for puppy. I originally would have preferred to use Rage, or Ragedevil, for my URL but it's already taken so I decided to think of something which is really me. A dog lover from Batangas, I think bilot is perfect fit.

<-- bilot="" div="">

Although generally Tagalogs, Batangueños are characterized as having very strong, thick accents and some terms not common to what is generally known as Manileño Dialect or Modern Tagalog. As for me who have been living in Metro Manila for quite some time I learned to adapt my tounge to both Manileñ0 and Batangas Tagalog. I remember talking to some agents in the office and immediately sensing they are from Batangas, they're just quite shocked when they learn I am their kababayan. Learn more about Batangas Tagalog on this article.

Can you try to see if you will understand this Batangueño story...

Babala isang kuwento na tanging tunay na Batangueno laang ang makakaintindi….

Dine sa Tuklong ay may puno ng kape na arugang-aroga pa ng Mamay. Sadyang pinanapugandan sa mga hantik na guyam at pinabantayan pa sa bilot. Minsan habang pasal na pasal ay naulutang ngatain ng Mamay ang bubot na parang sinturis, nang biglan na lang siyang napaumis, nahurindat at tuluyan ng nabang-aw. Bigla na lang nagpatikar, lumiban ng karsada kahit umaambon, naglulupagi sa gabukan kaya puro libag, tubal na tubal, talipa ang sipit at gura.

Napadpad ang Mamay sa masukal na balinghuyan at doon naulutang gamitin ang kawot para garutihin ang mga bangkalang. Pero liyo at parang barik na barik pa rin ang Mamay kaya naghamon pa ng panumbi. Wala naming kumana kaya pagerper na lang ang napagdiskitahan. Pagkatapos ng barokbokang katakut takot, lungkutin at hapong-hapo ang Mamay. Naging matalute ang usapan sa bayaran dahil mulay lang gustong ibayad ng Mamay. Nagkaribok na, nagwasang ang pagerper at tinangkab ang Mamay. Nagligalig na maigi ang
Mamay dahil sa marami daw kato, amoy hawot at makati pa sa iladong tulingan. Dapat kitse lang daw ang bayad. Wala daw galang sa matanda ang pagerper at dapat daw eh ipabarangay. Naglabas na ng balisong ang Mamay pero may humiyaw ng tulong kaya sa pagkabanas, kumaripas na ng takbo ang Mamay kaya napatid sa tansi na nakaharang sa mga palapang nakabilad na pinapagtungan ng mga pinatutuyong kalamyas. Muntik ng nabungkok, ang Mamay kundi dumating yong kahanggan ng Mamay na nagbabangi nang tulingan.

The Start

It's 2:11 am and I am trying to write my first piece for this blog. It has been a long time since I posted my last entry, and I mean years ago. Back then my hobbies include travelling, taking photographs, writing, graphic design... basically those things which involve "self-expression".

I'm not quite sure what happened but eventually all of these stopped and my world revolved around other things. Having a job which requires a lot of my time, not to mention stress, might have been the biggest factor that changed everything. I was browsing through some of my old posts and photos and started missing how much time I had before.

Do not take me wrong, I really have no regrets.

These past 2 years has also been a good experience for me. I went out of my comfort zone and experienced life in a different spectrum. I met a lot of people and found new friends along the way. Hopefully this experiment will produce a good result, trying to revive my old life and merge it with my new. Posting entries might not really be a daily thing but I promise to write as much as I can. Now, where do I go from here?