Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Biggr, Bettr, Flickr!!!

I was so thrilled when I opened my Flickr account and saw the great news. Flickr is giving every member a 1 terabyte free online storage for photos and videos. This means no more re-sizing! Everyone can upload their full resolution images and share photos the way they were shot. I am especially happy since the old Flickr had a small storage limit that will hide all your old photos into an archive which you will never see unless you upgrade to pro. Browsing through the newly redesigned Photostream has brought joy to my eyes since it was the first time in years that I was able to see the old photos I uploaded years ago. I think this is a bold move by Yahoo and hopefully traffic will start pouring back or else. 1 TB per user is a huge investment and if this does not turn out well, it might join the other Yahoo acquired sites that are now deep under the grave... (remember Geocities?). For now, let us all take advantage of this and upload photos for the world to see.


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